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House Dirty? Call A Housekeeper, it’s what we do!

December 5, 2022

Where Exceptional Service & Affordability Meet!

When your car breaks down you call a mechanic, right?

When your house is dirty, call a Housekeeper – it’s what we do!!

Looking for an exceptional housekeeping service near you? In today’s world we have such little free time, I hate to see people using it to do housekeeping chores! We can essentially “take housekeeping off your plate” with regular service. We can give you back 10 to 15 hours per month to do with as you as please! That allows you to do the things you love & enjoy, as well as spend more time with your family.

Where Exceptional Service & Affordability Meet!

We offer everything from a one-time cleaning, Monthly service, Bi-Weekly service and Weekly service, depending on the size of the family, how active they are and how much entertaining they do. And that comes at a savings! Monthly 5% OFF regular rates, Bi-Weekly 10% OFF regular rates, and Weekly is 15% OFF regular rates. Finally, for those looking to keep their cleaning costs down, or simply don’t need their whole house cleaned, we offer an Ala Carte Cleaning where you tell us what rooms you want cleaned, we give you an estimate & we only clean those rooms! It’s a real budget friendly option!


We do things for clients we’d do for ourselves in our own homes. So, when you compare us to other companies, make sure you’re “comparing apples & apples”.

Where Exceptional Service & Affordability Meet!

Our Satisfaction Guarantee:

If for some reason you’re not completely satisfied with your cleaning, inform us and we’ll be back within 48 hours at No Charge to touch up or re-clean any area you’re unhappy with. The end result will be a spotless home and a big smile on your face

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