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September 3, 2022

Where Exceptional Service & Affordability Meet!

Have you ever wondered how we get stainless steel to look brilliantly shiny & new looking?  Well Superior Housekeeping Service uses Weidman’s Stainless-Steel Polish.  But there is a simpler, less expensive way that is just as effective:  MINERAL OIL or BABY OIL!

First, to clean the surface and rid yourself of all the fingerprints, grease and smudges, mix 50% Vinegar and 50% Water, then add a medium “splash” (a cup) of Ammonia for a DIY degreaser/sanitizer! (If you don’t have the ammonia that’s fine, too) Either spray the stainless-steel surface with your new cleaner or apply to a rag and, GOING WITH THE GRAIN, apply the mix to the stainless steel, and it will yield a streak free cleaning.

Where Exceptional Service & Affordability Meet!
Close up of an oven being cleaned

Then, put a generous amount of either mineral oil or baby oil on a rag and once again, WITH THE GRAIN (So you don’t scratch the surface) apply the oil to the stainless-steel surface.  Then turn your rag over and remove any excess oil from the surface.  I assure you; your stainless surface will be brilliantly shiny and look brand new!

You’ll find this DIY Cleaner/Degreaser is awesome, inexpensive and safe to use in your kitchen for all kinds of various messes and cleaning tasks.  Ever wonder what to use to clean the inside of your microwave?  Where the food goes?  Vinegar & Water!  

Rob Lebeck, Owner

Superior Housekeeping Service, LLC

“Where Exceptional Service & Affordability Meet!”


Where Exceptional Service & Affordability Meet!