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Natural Remedies to Insects/Pests

December 28, 2022

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Natural Remedies to Insects/Pests can be found right in the very room your pests have gathered: Your Kitchen!

Top 3 Foods to Evict Pests from Your Kitchen

1. Cinnamon

Despite their small size, ants can quickly become a BIG problem. That’s because ants are persistent foragers. They’ll stop at nothing to find a consistent food source. And once they do, they’re a nightmare to get rid of. Heck, they’ll invade your kitchen just to eat the smallest drop of food…

Unless it falls from a cinnamon roll!
Turns out, ants absolutely despise cinnamon. It’s actually deadly for them. How? Well, according to a recent study, cinnamon releases a natural pesticide called Trans-cinnamaldehyde.1 Once an ant inhales this lethal cloud of cinnamon, it suffocates and dies.

So, just sprinkle some cinnamon powder around entrances or anywhere you’ve seen ants. Those annoying pests will be gone before you know it.
Alright, let’s move onto the next one…

2. Vinegar

This incredible elixir works as a pesticide for just about any kind of creepy-crawly. The secret is acetic acid… a naturally occurring compound that repels moths, ants, flies — you name it! 2 Vinegar also cleans away scent trails, so you can destroy infestations at the source. All you need to do is create a 50-50 mix of white vinegar and water. In 3 minutes tops, you can have your very own safe and effective pest control solution. Simply spray it directly onto pests to kill on contact…

Or you can make a trap that takes care of flying bugs for good…Just pour your mix into a cup and watch as it fills up with bugs. Vinegar is an unbelievably effective solution for controlling pests…But let’s face it, the smell can sometimes be too much to bear. Fortunately, there’s another natural insecticide that actually makes your home smell amazing!

Of course, I’m talking about…

3. Orange Peels

There’s nothing like the taste of a fresh, juicy orange…Just don’t throw away the peel afterwards!
You see, an orange peel’s odor is powerful enough to repel greenflies, slugs, mosquitoes, and more.
It’s all thanks to a non-toxic chemical called d-Limonene — which destroys the waxy coating on insects and kills them instantly.3 Simply rub the peel anywhere you’ve seen pests. It sounds simple, but it works surprisingly well. All in all, orange peels make for a quick and easy way to help keep bugs out.

I almost forgot the best part:

Once you’re done with the orange peel, you’ve got a tasty treat as a reward.

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