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So You Think Your Home Is Clean?

April 29, 2022

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So you think your home is clean, because you cleaned it. Right? When was the last time your carpets were professionally cleaned? How often do you hand out the dough to have your home professionally cleaned? Because like it or not, a professional housekeeping service is far better equipped to effectively clean your home than you are.

When did your cupboards & cabinets last see the daylight of a disinfectant?

I’m going to point out, in a series of posts, just how dirty your homes probably are. Because we think in terms of the obvious; Are things put away in the kitchen? Have the counters been wiped down? Those would be obvious forms of “dirty” that sit out in plain sight. But there are many areas of your home where it might not be as obvious, yet still the areas are filthy. And I hope it actually scares some of you into action!

Where Exceptional Service & Affordability Meet!