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Superior Housekeeping Service, LLC – Cancellation Policy

September 26, 2023

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In the event that the Client needs to cancel a scheduled cleaning appointment, forty-eight (48) hours’ notice to SUPERIOR HOUSEKEEPING SERVICE, LLC is required. Notice may be given by email, SMS (text), or phone.

Should the Client fail to give forty-eight (48) hours’ notice the Client must pay 50% for the canceled cleaning first offense and 100% of the fee for canceled cleanings thereafter. Canceling more than three (3) consecutive cleanings or more than seven (7) total scheduled cleanings, without prior approval of SUPERIOR HOUSEKEEPING SERVICE, LLC , will be deemed a material breach and allow SUPERIOR HOUSEKEEPING SERVICE, LLC to cancel the contract and/or pricing agreement or to seek legal remedies.

If we arrive to the cleaning prepared to clean and cannot gain entry to the home to complete the cleaning, the Client will be charged the full cleaning charge, as if it had been completed. This is called a Lock Out.