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You have to enter to win!

June 14, 2021

In order to make our Spring Cleaning Giveaway Raffle a success, we need community involvement. And that means you need to enter to win! Superior Housekeeping Service is prepared to give away a FREE HOME CLEANING every 2 months to someone in the Seattle/Bellevue community. We’re also prepared to give away a 2nd place prize of 50% OFF any cleaning to another member of our community. But we need folks to sign up by signing up for our Newsletter, liking our Facebook page, posting on or any of the various other ways of signing up for our raffle. THERE IS NO CATCH! Just a company giving back to the members of our community with a fun and exciting spin on things.

So tell your friends & family to logon to our website and put THEIR names in on our unprecedented offer! They have just as good of a chance of winning as anyone else! So put on your “County Fair” festive mood and let’s have some fun! AT OUR EXPENSE! 🙂

Superior Housekeeping Service works hard to maintain a reputation of an exceptional housekeeping service through hard work and commitment to quality. Let’s make THIS an exceptional event by having a great turn out! If you enter more than once, your chances of winning are that much greater! Remember, check out that list of ways to enter the Raffle! There are points assigned to each way, and you’re allowed to enter up to 3 times!! To enter the Raffle click here! Spring Cleaning Raffle!!

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