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Client Referral Program

June 19, 2021

Where Exceptional Service & Affordability Meet!

Did you know that when you refer a friend or family member to Superior Housekeeping Service that, when they order a cleaning, I’ll send you $25.00 CASH VIA PAYPAL? That’s right! I will PAY YOU for every referral who orders service! AND, if they become a regular, recurring service client, WE WILL CLEAN YOUR ENTIRE HOME ABSOLUTELY FREE!

So who do you know that needs exceptional housekeeping for their home? I will be implementing software here on my website that will give you your OWN LINK to submit names with. And when your friends & family order service, you will either be paid money or we’ll be cleaning your home for FREE! Happy customers are our best advertising, and we want to reward you for any business that comes our way! What we need is YOUR name, THEIR name and a good contact PHONE number. You can call it in at 206-200-9536, email it in at or fill out a CONTACT FORM here on our website. We will track it on our Referrals List and YOU will be compensated!

SUPERIOR HOUSEKEEPING SERVICE “Where Exceptional Service & Affordability Meet!”

Where Exceptional Service & Affordability Meet!